Tuesday, June 30, 2015

online grocery yang ada delivery di malaysia

di bawah adalah senarai online grocery yang boley deliver smp depan pintu umah 
selalu nya ku gunekan tesco online delivery 
maklum la...dok umah tingkat 3.. nak menapak ngan bawak byk2 brg tuh...mmg kesian sgt la kt hasben... so tq to abam2 sado tesco.. hahaahah... mmg skali ku beli mmg penuh basket la... 
n paling bgs bile time promo... lagi2 pampers n susu... 
mmg stock 2-3 bulan bli... 
bg org yg susah nak kluar n "malas" nak sopping sengsorg.. maka... ini adaalh yg terbaik!!!!
hopefully lepas ni lg byk n byk online grocery yg boley n ade delivery !!! 

Redtick is an online grocery shopping company founded in 2010 which features an appealing layout that’s not only easy on the eyes but makes shopping much more accessible. This is due to the convenient tabs that shoppers can click into to immediately find the products they were looking for. Mums who aren’t particularly tech-savvy will even find that shopping is simpler through Redtick. What’s special is the tab created specially for babies, so getting diapers and baby bath products becomes easier.
Delivery Areas: Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, Seri Kembangan and Puchong.
Delivery Slots: 2-hour time slots between 10am-10pm.
Payment Methods: Cash on delivery or through an online payment, via Molpay.
Delivery Fees: RM8 for orders below RM100; free delivery for orders over RM100.
Website: Redtick.

Tesco Online
Not only do customers get their pick at the widest range of products available atTesco, they can have their groceries delivered right to their doorstep. Once the order has been confirmed, Tesco’s trained personal shoppers will handpick the freshest and longest sell-by dates products according to your shopping list. Afraid you’ll miss out on any in-store promotions? Fret not as the same promotions also apply to all online-bought products on the day of delivery.
Delivery Areas: Klang Valley, Penang and Johor Bahru. Use their checker to find out if deliveries are made to your area.
Delivery Slots: 2-hour delivery windows are available from 10am to 10pm, daily. Bookings can be made up to 3 weeks in advance while changes and cancellation are possible at any time up to 11pm on the day before your order is due to be delivered.
Payment Methods: Made upon delivery at the door by credit (Visa and Master) or debit card.
Delivery Fees: Service charge is shown during slot-booking.
Website: Tesco Online.

Presto is a local-based supermarket that has four stores around the Klang Valley. In terms of products, Presto offers a good range of quality fresh produce as well as imported and locally produced ones at reasonable prices. The grocer accommodates to same day deliveries as long as the order is made before 1pm and only within these areas: KL City Centre, Ampang, North-West KL (Mont Kiara, Sri Hartamas, TTDI, etc), Bangsar and Petaling Jaya.
Delivery Areas: Most areas in the Klang Valley.
Delivery Slots: Check pickup and delivery timetable here.
Payment Methods: Credit card or cash on delivery ir online payment (all Malaysian Visa and Master cards).
Delivery Fees: Orders below RM100 (RM15), RM100-300 (RM10) and free for orders over RM300. A minimum order of RM50 is required (excluding delivery charges).
Website: Presto.

To busy folks residing in Petaling Jaya, you’re in luck! GrocerExpress is here to help restock forgotten household items and make ordering daily groceries a breeze (in just 5 minutes) from desktop, tablet or smartphone. On the day that an order is placed, expect the groceries to be made on the same day and this saves time, money and trouble too!
Delivery areas: Few zones in Petaling Jaya.
Delivery slots: Made on Mondays-Fridays (2-10pm), except weekends and Public Holidays. Check schedule here. Delivery can be changed to a later time and new orders must be made for additional items.
Payment Methods: Cash on Delivery and Cheque from companies. Online payment through credit card will be supported in the future.
Delivery Fees: For next-day deliveries, RM3 and RM5 is charged for before and after 5pm respectively. Same-day delivery fees information is not available on the site yet. No minimum order is required.
Website: GrocerExpress.

Green Chicken
For parents who worry about getting healthy, tasty and affordable chickens can refer to Green Chicken who produce and deliver Free Range “Cornish Rock” birds that are not only Halal, they are also free from hormones, artificial enhancers and antibiotics. From their farm to your doorstep, orders can be made online or via 018-919 5235.
Delivery Areas: Bangsar, Mont Kiara, Sri Hartamas and Petaling Jaya areas.
Delivery Slots and Payment Method: Call 018-919 5235 for more info.
Delivery Fees: Free delivery to Petaling Jaya, Mount Kiara, Hartamas, Damansara Heights and Bangsar while charges apply to other areas.
Website: Green Chicken.

The only products available for purchase at Foodworld are food products as the name of the company suggests, but even so there is an exhaustive array of food available to purchase including poultry and seafood. After selecting the food item, customers can select the “Choose options” tab which will lead to a descriptions page noting the product’s shelf life, storage instructions and even a recipe on how to make it.
Delivery Areas: Klang Valley, Penang and Johor Bahru.
Delivery Slots: 8am-12pm, 12pm-3pm, 3pm-6pm and 6pm-9pm on all days of the week. Special deliveries (out of state) are not available of Sundays and public holidays.
Payment Methods: Paypal, Mastercard and Visa.
Delivery Fees: RM14 for orders under RM50, RM10 on orders of RM 51-RM99, and RM 8 for orders of RM100-RM 199. Orders above RM 200 are free.
Website: Foodworld.

Looking to get niche food products like raw organic cacao nibs or cacao and long leaf assam tea? Look no further than Greenbug Grocer. Not your ordinary store, you can shop for food items not commonly found elsewhere, and treat yourself after a long hard day. Perhaps get the little ones to try out its artisan and raw soul food too, it would be a good alternative to the commercial store-bought candies.
Delivery Areas: Nationwide.
Payment Methods: Paypal and local interbank transfers (MEPS).
Delivery Fees: RM10 for delivery below RM100. Free for purchases over RM100 within Peninsular Malaysia only.
Delivery: Anywhere between 3-5 days.
Website: Greenbug Grocer.

Looking to get more veggies and fruits in your kids’ daily intake? This online grocery store is perfect for mums who wish to introduce a healthy diet for their little ones, and the entire family. A new Google Docs link is available every single week whereby customers can view the produce and make their selection. All fruits and vegetables are inspected and sampled by the team before narrowing down the best ones as items of the week.
Delivery AreasKLCC, KL Sentral, Mid Valley, Bangsar, Hartamas, Publika, Sri Damansara, Desa Park City, Kepong, Damansara Perdana, Kota Damansara, Bandar Utama, TTDI, Damansara, Kelana Jaya, Subang Jaya, Ara Damansara, Puchong, Setia Alam and Kota Kemuning.
Delivery Slots: Office drop-offs are from Wednesday – Friday (Morning / Afternoon), while home deliveries are on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights and Saturday mornings or afternoons.
Payment Methods: Cash on delivery.
Delivery Fees: RM7 delivery charges apply for orders below RM70. Free delivery for purchases over RM70.
Facebook: Freshcart.

Fancy a personal shopper of your own to fetch groceries for you in under sixty minutes? Through the online website or app, select and choose grocery items from stores within your area and they’ll either be delivered within the hour or depending on your whereabouts, there is also the option to select a designated delivery slot.
Delivery Areas: Most areas in the Klang Valley.
Delivery Slots: Within the hour/Any one-hour time slots between 10am-10pm.
Payment Methods: Online payment.
Delivery Fees: Free delivery for first order, RM20 for orders under RM100, RM15 for orders above RM100.

Bonfisken Seafood Market
Fish and seafood processing specialist for over 22 years, Bonfisken Seafood Market will change any negative assumptions you had about buying frozen seafood. By freezing the fishes at sea, the freshness is sealed in along with the taste and nutrition. The frozen seafood are prepackaged into vacuum-sealed bags that can be stored for up to five months and ready to be thawed overnight when needed, which is more economical and environmentally-friendly. Bonfisken offers an impressive range of seafood: cold-smoked, frozen raw, marinated, salmon terrines, smoked and fresh too.
Delivery Areas: Klang Valley only.
Delivery Slots: Mondays to Fridays (10am – 4pm), Saturdays (9am – 12pm). No deliveries on Sundays and Public Holidays.
Payment Methods: All credit cards are accepted
Delivery Fees: RM 50. (Free delivery for orders over RM150)

Little Green Planet
The team at Little Green Planet is an Earth-loving bunch dedicated in providing natural, healthy and organic products to local customers. Besides having organic farm produce delivered to your home, you can pick out from any of their extensive range of gluten-free, lactose-free and chemical-free products from beans to confectionary to fruits and vegetables to noodles and pastas and even poultry and seafood – no different from shopping at their Centrepoint, Bandar Utama physical store! There are also 3 Vege Variety Packs for 4 weeks and a one-week Trial Pack to choose from depending on the number of pax. Who knew that healthy eating could also contribute to a healthier Earth?
Delivery Areas: Within Malaysia
Delivery Slots: No deliveries on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday. (Either via Kangaroo Worldwide Express (M) Sdn Bhd or Self-Pickup at the store)
Payment Methods: Online Banking Transfer (CIMB Bank Berhad – A/C: 8600657632)
Delivery Fees: For perishable products, free delivery for above RM50 of goods order within Klang Valley area. For non-perishable products, pay according to shipping and handling charges through courier services.

TM Farms
Why not opt to support local products with TM Farms, as their produce and livestock are all grown and raised in Lipis and Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. TM Farm practices an eco-friendly concept whereby weekly box deliveries are conducted using recyclable cardboard boxes which can be returned to be used again the following week. Although each box of produce is standard, which means customers cannot choose to customize their purchases, all products are guaranteed freshness as they are all packed the night before they are delivered.
Delivery Areas: Most areas in the Klang Valley.
Delivery Slots: Monday-Thursday, depending on location.
Payment Methods: Credit card, Paypal.
Delivery Fees: No additional delivery charges.
Website: TM Organic Farms is your one-stop organic store with everything from organic hair tint to health drinks as well, helping parents with a tight schedule maintain a healthy lifestyle. Purchasing vegetables is made easy as they are being separated into categories such as bean, leafy or sprouted vegetables. Products on promotion will be highlighted, so you’d be sure to get the best deals of the week.
Delivery Areas: Within Malaysia.
Delivery Slots: Klang Valley: 1pm-7pm. Delivery slots differ for other locations.
Payment Methods: Credit card, Paypal.
Delivery Fees: RM 10 for Airpak Express delivery in West Malaysia, PosLaju rates apply for delivery in East Malaysia.

Soukai offers a range of items which generally fall under the home and living category. Under their ‘Food’ subcategory, they are stocked with simple provisions like cooking oil, snacks, pasta sauces and other dry food products. There are also baby essentials such as diapers, formula and wet wipes. One of the advantages of Soukai is the ability to pay Cash on Delivery (COD) upon delivery of items. However this privilege is only given to those living in the Klang Valley, Penang or Johor Bahru.
Delivery Area: Within Malaysia.
Delivery Slots: 8am – 12pm, 12pm – 3pm, 3pm – 6pm, 6pm – 9pm for the Klang Valley, Penang and Johor Bahru.
Payment Methods: Online Banking, Credit Card, PayPal & Cash on Delivery.
Delivery Fees:
  • Peninsular Malaysia: Up to 25kg – RM10 (Klang Valley, Johor Bahru, Penang, Ipoh,
    Malacca), RM15 (Selangor), RM19 (Other Areas); Over 25kg – RM17 plus RM0.70 for every additional kg (Klang Valley, Johor Bahru, Penang, Ipoh, Malacca, Selangor); RM19 plus RM0.80 for every additional kg (Other Areas).
  • East Malaysia: Up to 1kg – RM10.20 plus RM10.20 for every additional kg.
Website: Soukai

Lit Onn Online Grocery Store
Lit Onn services customers in the Klang area where groceries can be paid upon the delivery of the items. In terms of products, Lit Onn offers grocery staples, diapers, baby formula, pet food, and household cleaning products. Delivery within Peninsular Malaysia is also available using GD Express.
Delivery Area: West Malaysia.
Delivery Slots: For Klang only – 9am – 6pm (Mon – Fri) & 9am – 1pm (Sat).
Payment Methods: Cash on Delivery (Klang), Credit Card, Online Banking & Paypal.
Delivery Fees: First 3kg – RM9; RM1.50 for every additional kg.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Repair Screen Tab / HP Murah dan Cepat

ritu berderai screen tab ku wafir campak ke bilik air
dari retak kecik..merebak ke seluruh permukaan
tapi nasib baik sebb retak luar je
so xdelah sedih sgt nak kuarkan belanje yg beso...
n klo korg nyer screen retak tp masih ley relax layan fb or ig tanper rasa terganggu itu bermakna retak bahagian luar sahaja
klo jatuh retak n hp terus xley pakai itu makne retak ngan dlm sekali

so dah la tab aku adalah hadiah bersalin wafir..mestilah sedih kan..
so ku google la mana repair tab murah...ade yg 190 siap dlm masa 2hari, ade 300 siap 3hari
n mcm2 price la.. aku klo boley xnak lah tinggal hp..sebb dlm tuh ade wassap, ade telegram, ade jadual NGURUT!! kang dibuatnyer aku x perasan job masuk kang.. matik kene kecam hahaha
so aku carik dan carik , plus retak pun makin beso n beso..kihkihkih

so aku pegi kt google n jmp 1 blog yg repair ipad murah.. dah x ingt dh link blog
tq kak sebab share.. so laju2 aku call n tanyer tuk betulkan tab berapa
dia jawap "losak luar saja meh...rm150 siap 1jam" joget sakan masa aku dengo.. tp sebb masa tuhdah kul 4 ..x kuasa la aku nak gi time tuh..jem kot org balik keje...sudahnyer lepas 3hari baru aku pegi..
smp sana derang check pastuh dia kater rm120 siap 1jam... so aku gi busana mara.. gi solat.. gi cuci mata tgk baju...dlm 30minit lebih camtuh aku gi sana balik..hahah sebeno nyer xde arah tujuan klo gi sorg2... nak menyongket sogo pun xde mood...aku smp dah siap... masuk tempered glass rm60.. btulkan mic yg sedia rosak rm70 ...yeah! jimat byk plus cepat.....


Lot G88 Ground Floor
Pertama Complex
Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman
50100 KL

Handphone no: 012-2369916

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

kenali najis baby NR..

Kenali jenis najis Bayi NR!

Soalan lazim ibu-ibu yang mengamalkan Phyto Natal:

"Kak, anak saya kerap berak je lepas saya makan Phyto Natal. Normal ke?"

"Ice, boleh tak saya nak sambung makan Phyto Natal balik. Anak saya dah 6 bulan. Saya berhenti sebab anak saya asyik berak-berak je dulu."

"Saya berhenti makan NR sebab PANAS. Anak saya asyik berak-berak."

Walaupun dah banyak kali saya tekankan kepada ibu-ibu bahawa Set Bersalin NR sangat-sangat baby friendly  dan juga tidak panas , masih ada ibu-ibu menuduh barangan NR ini tidak sesuai diamalkan bagi ibu-ibu yang menyusu badan. Oleh itu saya ingin menerangkan khasiat perubatan Set Bersalin NR (teruamanya PhytoNatal) kepada ibu dalam pantang, dan seterusnya untuk bayi yang menyusu  badan 100% dari ibu yang mengamalkan Phyto Natal . Saya gelarkan bayi ini sebagai Bayi NR.

Untuk ibu-ibu ini, saya cadangkan anda melihat beberapa perkara untuk pastikan sama ada masalah kekerap membuang air besar pada bayi anda adalah normal atau tidak. Antaranya:
1. Adakah bayi anda menangis 24 jam seperti terseksa ketika membuang air?
2. Adakah punggung bayi anda merah dan melecet (akibat kekerapan buang air)?
3. Berapa banyak pamperskah yang ditukar dalam 1 jam?
4. Adakah najisnya sedikit (secalit) atau banyak (penuh pampers sehingga terkeluar dari pampers)?
Jika bayi anda tidak meragam. Punggung tidak merah. Bayi anda buang air besar yang penuh pampers kurang dari 3 kali sehari, maka ianya NORMAL!
Konsep NORMAL dalam pembuangan air besar bagi bayi baru lahir ialah:
Tiada kekerapan membuang air besar yang boleh dikatakan tepat dan berapa kalikah yang dikira paling baik. Bagi bayi yang baru dilahirkan, ini bergantung kepada sama ada dia menyusu badan atau diberi susu formula. Bayi yang menyusu badan tanpa memakan makanan pejal akan membuang air besar lebih kurang empat kali sehari; namun, membuang air besar sekali dalam tiga hari juga dianggap normal dan anda tidak perlu risau mengenai kekerapannya selagi najis bayi lembut dan mudah keluar.Bayi yang menyusu formula selalunya perlu membuang air besar setiap hari untuk mengelakkan sembelit. -

Di bawah, ingin saya terangkan jenis-jenis najis Bayi NR pula
  • Mekonium
    • Hadir pada hari-hari terawal kelahiran. Ini merupakan bahan melekit berwarna hitam kehijauan yang terkumpul dalam usus bayi semasa dalam rahim dan komposisinya ialah hempedu, mukus, sel dari dinding usus, rembesan dan cecair amnion. Walaupun kotoran ini sukar ditanggalkan, mekonium adalah petanda bahawa usus bayi anda berfungsi dengan baik.

  • Lawas
    • Sifat najis bayi yang normal ialah kuning cerah seperti biji sawi dan baunya kemanis-manisan. Najis itu agak lembik tetapi bertekstur, kadang-kala kelihatan berbiji-biji atau kelihatan berketul seperti susu masam. 
    • Bayi NR selalunya akan membuang 3 kali sehari dengan  kadar najis yang banyak (kadang-kadang sampai terkeluar pampers)
    • Di sinilah fungsi NR utk membantu mengeluarkan birubilin dari badan Bayi Nr lalu membantu mengurangkan penyakit kuning bayi.

  • Terkencit
    • Najis ni selalu wujud pada Bayi NR. Dan ibu-ibu menganggap najis ini seperti cirit birit sedangkan ia adalah najis yang "terkeluar"ketika Bayi NR membuang angin (kentut). Ini kerana bayi baru lahir mana la mampu nak kontrol keluarnya najis masa kentut kan? Perlu diingatkan, bayi juga kadang-kadang banyak angin disebabkan ibu-ibu mereka yang makan banyak benda berangin masa mengandung dahulu. So bila NR di dalam susu ibu mampu mengesan lebihan angin dalam badan bayi, of course lah angin-angin ini akan dibongkar melalui kentut. 
    • Selalunya bila Bayi NR kerap keluar najis beginilah buatkan ibu-ibu tadi menghentikan pemakanan Phyto Natal atas alasan bayi mereka cirit-birit. Sedangkan ibu-ibu tidak perlu risau selagi Bayi NR mereka kelihatan selesa dan tidak meragam, maka ia menunjukkan proses pembersihan dalaman tidak memudaratkan Bayi NR anda.
    • Bayi NR yang kerap buang air dan kentut kelihatan lebih selesa dan ceria. Dan kebanyakkan bayi-bayi ini susah nak kena penyakit kembung dan juga Hernia

  • Kembung / Angin
    • Menurut bidan kampung, najis bayi yang kehijauan menunjukkan bayi mengalami kembung angin. Kadang-kadang jika ibu tersilap makan benda berangin, bayi mereka secara automatik akan keluar najis bewarna hijau. Dengan Phyto Natal, najis ini mudah keluar tanpa perlu Bayi NR mengalami sebu-sebu perut yang boleh membuatkan mereka menangis sepanjang malam.
So, kepada ibu-ibu yang telah/ingin mengamlkan set bersalin NR, sila pantau keadaan jenis najis Bayi NR anda. Jangan berdasarkan sikap AGAK-AGAK anda, anda kerugian besar apabila menjadi wanita yang tidak mengamalkan herba ketika dalam pantang.
Sebab kebanyakkan wanita yang tidak mengamalkan apa-apa herba ketika dalam pantang, akan mula merasa kesakitan tubuh badan dan bermasalah di bahagian faraj selepas 6 bulan bersalin. Anak-anak anda semakin kuat dan membesar. tetapi ibu-ibunya pula semakin penat dan tenat.
Akan tetapi pengamalan Phyto Natal perlu juga dipantau dan dihentikan dengan kadar segera jika:
  1. Bayi anda kelihatan  tidak selesa selepas anda mengamalkan Phyto Natal
  2. Bayi terlalu kerap buang air  (extreme: lebih 3 pampers penuh najis dalam tempoh1 jam) selepas anda mengamalkan Phyto Natal
Kerana kadang kala ada bayi yang dilahirkan dengan perut yang over sensitif. Terutamanya bayi pra-matang. So ibu-ibu boleh teruskan sahaja minum Akar Herbanika tanpa Phyto Natal, dan bila bayi anda sudah kelihatan sedikit kuat, anda boleh mula semula amalkan Phyto Natal.
Bagi ibu-ibu yang tidak menyusukan anak, tiada alasan untuk anda tidak mengamalkan herba ketika dalam pantang bukan?
kredit sepenuhnya :

Monday, October 20, 2014

bisnes, confinement lady, muslimah sejati full time

so perancangan selepas berenti kerja adalah penting
biarpun dlm bank penuh KOSONG
atau dlm bank penuh 9999
semua benda kene ade perancangan
yang penting ade misi n visi
x kisahlah ape pun keje kiter nak buat

ingt kalau jadi surirumah
xyah pikir or rancang pape ke
kene plan jugak
nak mula kemas dr mana,,, ape keje nak siap ... time bile nak kene beres
gitu jugak dengan aku
so memandangkan aku mmg part time bisnes pun selama nie... maka..
bisnes akan terus kekal la..
susah jugak dulu awal2 nak bina tapak asas, ribut, petir sume ade,,
so kiter teruskan la.. lg pun aku suke bisnes.
untung tak seberapa tp kepuasan tuh ade

ade beberapa bisnes yang aku usahakan secara sgt kecil-kecilan
x beso pun ..
staff aku sorg.. kekadang je memerlukan assistant.. n selebihnya hasben yg byk tlg
dia la runner, diala tukang angkat brg, dia la g pos.. diala segalanya,, kikkihkih

so rerajin korg like la yer

instagram : @boronggeniebra
fb :

instagram : @drugstorelipmatte
fb :

instagram : @lyanamkboutique
fb :

instagram : @ridharadhwaahalalmart
fb :

then (dari 8pagi smp 5ptg - isnin smp jumaat) aku akan jadi CONFINEMENT LADY under Beauty Blessed Confinement

awal2 agak susah gak dengan aku x bp mahir bab mengurut
tapi bile semakin praktis dengan real customer
aku insyallah makin mahir
tp ikutkan mmg customer la byk jadi cikgu aku ..
setiap badan org tak sama
n kiter apply teknik n cara kiter dengan berdasarkan ape yg kiter sentuh dari badan derang

jadi confimenent lady ni best,
hari2 bau syurga dari newborn
pastuh hari2 jugak kiter dok main minyak n herba
kami akan share sesama tips semasa dlm pantang
sebab ape aku highlight kami.. sebab bukan aku saje yg bg tips ..
sometimes customer juga akan beri tips
so mmg byk sgt aku blaja
dan alhamdulilah
BBC ajar kami jadi confinement lady yg berlandaskan agama islam
setiap sentuhan di sulami dengan zikrullah dan berselawat ke atas junjungan kita Nabi Muhammad s.a.w

kepuasan diantara 2 perkerjaan part time aku mmg sgt berbeza
barang laku dengan badan customer sihat adalah TERLALU BERBEZA
tapi dua2 menainkan peranan yang sama
sesunguhnya.. aku bersyukur
diberi kesempatan untuk merasa segala nikmat dan ilmu yang ada dibumi ALLAH ini!

walaupun secara full time
tp masih byk perlu diperbaiki
masih byk perkara perlu aku belajar

kehidupan takkan pernah berhenti mengajar kita


selagi hayat dikandung badan


jangan makan jeruk asam boi ..bahaya!

jangan makan jeruk asam boi
hahaha hot tak title..
org sume ngah fenomena
kemain kau suh jgn makan

aku klo tgkgmbo jeruk asam boi ni ngan mangga
air liur mercik2,,
pecah terus air liurrrrr..
chup chup chupp...

klau la awal2 ngadung.. x dpt menda nie mau ngaruk seharian
*nasib x ngandong lg*

mmg bersepah org jual kt kedai
tapi aku ade rasa ingin buat sendiri
meh kiter tgk resepi

credit to : resepi ringkas

selamat mencuba.. 

air liur dah basah lantai
jap g serang econsave

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

satin skinz premium

aku mmg cepat terpengaruh
sgt cepat..
beli laju2
then makan berzaman
itu aku..
jgn tiru...

tp so far walo aku amik x bp kerap ade jugak la perubahan..
jerawat kuar cpt kecut...
n rasa la kulit tuh x mcm kulit biawak sgt

aku x fokus nak putih
sebb aku selesa hitam manis begini
tp at least flawlesss la kan

so tunggu la lagi 2-3 bulan ni... kot la lawa ..


  • Menyingkirkan toksin dalam badan.
  • Perubahan tona kulit sehingga 5x lebih putih.
  • Kulit lebih gebu, lembap dan tegang.
  • Menaikkan seri rona merah jambu pada wajah.
  • Wajah lebih segar dan bercahaya.
  • Menyekat pertumbuhan jerawat, eczema dan ruam.
  • Menghilangkan parut 5x lebih cepat
  • Merangsang peningkatan/pembinaan sel kolagen semulajadi kulit.
  • Memperbaiki tekstur kulit tua & mati.
  • Mengurangkan pigmentasi.
  • Mengurangkan kedutan halus.
  • Meningkatkan sistem imunisasi.
  • Merawat penyakit resdung dan bersin.
  • Menguatkan tulang, kuku dan rambut.
  • Memberi tenaga dan mencerdaskan minda.
kt mana nak beli tuh aku x tau ... tp 2botol ni dlm lebih kurang 120++
tp korg google jela.. mesti kuar..
hahah selamat memutih gituuu.. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

7tahun akhirnya

last day!
setelah 7tahun aku keje kt monorail

sebelum keje kt sini
aku keje kt snatec solutions as programmer
sambil2 tuh dulu aku penari kebudayaan part time

aku ingt lagi masa nak benti keje programmer..
aku dah tabur resume ke merata tmpt
anto sana sini
then tgk2 ade job menari tuk pembukaan tattoo masa tuh
member ade la kater..cer mtk keje monorel.. masyuk gak .. *member yg kater skrg mmg keje monorel jugak*
aku just angguk2 jela...
esok pagi aku dpt call
ade interview
bila tanyer kt mana
dia ckp.. monorail hq
aku dah camm...emm emm bile masa aku anto resume
so interbiu punyer interbiu ngan bos lama aku, mr lim
akhirnyer bermula episod pekerja monorail

7tahun.. masa yg panjang..
kawan2 yg hepi
klik keje aku yg sekepala
aku seronok
aku gembira
aku hepi

tp perjalanan hidup masih pjg
ada corak lain dalam kehidupan yang perlu aku bentuk
mungkin ade rezeki lain untuk aku diluar sana

byk yang aku harapkan ..
aku harap2 dengan berhenti ni anak2 lebih masa
aku harap mereka lebih sihat
aku dpt manage masa
cam2 la..
bukan sebab aku keje aku x dpt semua tuh
tp ade lagi yang ku nak capai
ade lagi yang aku impikan

aku percaya rezeki ALLAH s.w.t luass
seluas lautan
seluas langit

sesunguhnya aku sedih ngan keputusan ini
tp aku percaya ..ada bahagia lain dibelakangnya

semoga korg doakan yang terbaik untuk aku dan family yer :)